brand & product design


The Story

GRIPP is all about natural power. Focused on all-around athletes who listen to their body with a need to fuel it. Their products were born in Swedish laboratories with a focus on quality, never quantity. Presented to people who want to perform, never show-off.

Understanding the market

Before all of that became obvious, we had to understand the culture of bodybuilding and athleticism first. Followed up by a business strategy workshop and preparing a product family portfolio architecture. With solid arguments behind, we advised Qatar & Swedish co-investors to shift away from industry standards. Focusing on athletes who will cherish raw, natural power rather than “Mutant Mass Gainer” allowed us to create a distinguished, cohesive, bold brand visual communication.

Scope of work

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging design
  • Website UX, UI
  • Web Development

Close to your core audience

Brand imagery and packaging are a natural extension of brand strategy. All of the pieces come together in one place, making sure that the brand looks and feels different from all-around “mass gainers”.

Social media presence

Instagram multi post

Calder is a name of the company that has different products in their portfolio. Including GRIPP. If following the initial brief Calder would be the most prominent brand, but because we speak branding and investors speak business we were able to move away from that idea.

Web experience

  • Client
    GRIPP / Sweden
  • Scope of work
    Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Website UX, UI, Web Development
  • Year
  • Industry
    Food and drink